By providing assistance and opportunities to at-risk and displaced youth and young adults Village Keepers strive to put a dent in breaking the cycle of hardships.

Where does it go?

100% of donations go towards funding community dinners, school break lunches, and opportunities for youth.

Mission Success!

The price of learning to drive rises every year, leaving many youth without the opportunity to enroll in driver’s education courses. This leads to greater reliance on public transportation and restrictions in mobility.

At our most recent fundraising event we were able to hold a raffle. Through community support we were able to include a driver’s education package within the raffle.

Jay -a local Tacoma youth- was able to win the driver’s education package and can now learn to drive.

Without the support of the community he wouldn’t have been able to afford the courses.

If you would like to help other youth like Jay, use the button below to make a donation.

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